2021 Riesling Experience

Posted 24 April 2020 11:52am

The largest collection of Riesling assembled in the Southern Hemisphere in 2021.

Rieslings from all of the great Riesling regions of the world.

Riesling in all of its styles dry, semi- dry, sweet desert wines from botrytis grapes, and Ice Wines, sparkling Sekts, and vertical tastings of the provenance class where wines from the same winery with at least 10 years age difference are presented.

Riesling with age ranges from the current vintage to museum wines.

The wines are arranged by style and age and region so this is an opportunity to taste the impact of region and terroir on the characteristics of the wine that is produced.

Four hours to taste your way around the world, and to taste wines that are unavailable unless you visit the region they come from.

If you are a Riesling lover, or simply want to understand more about the capability of this most versatile of grapes, this is a must attend event.

While tickets will still be available at the door, we will also have  pre purchased tickets for this event available online.

Don’t miss this one – we’ll see you there.

Date: Saturday 24 October 2020

Time: 11am-3pm (trade representatives and exhibitors from 10am)

Venue: Albert Hall, Canberra

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