Conditions for the 2021 Canberra International Riesling Challenge can be found here.

21st Canberra International Riesling Challenge 2021


  1. Wines must be made from 100% Riesling grapes.

  2. Wine may be entered by wine companies, wine merchants, wholesalers or individuals.

  3. Entries plus payment of $AUD 145.00 per international entry or $150 per Australian entry must be received by 31 July 2021.

  4. There is no minimum quantity requirement for wine to enter the event up to a gold medal judging level.  However, for Classes 1 through to 6 and Classes 10 through to 15, for the wine to be judged off for a trophy the wine must be commercially available (see Condition 17 for definition of commercially available).  The commercially available condition does not apply for those wines entered into the Museum Classes (Classes 7 to 9 and 16 to 18) or to Specialty Class 19 or to Provenance Class 20. 

  5. All trophy winners are required to supply (at their expense) up to two dozen bottles of the Award winning wine on request of the CIRC for consumption at the Awards Presentation Ceremony, public tasting and promotional events.  Any extra wine ordered will be purchased at $150.00 per case. This requirement does not apply to wines entered only into Class 20 (Provenance Class), or to wines entered into the Museum Classes 7,8,9 and 16,17 &18

  6. Exhibits must conform to the legislation of the States and Commonwealth of Australia which governs the production of Australian Wine and Brandy ie the Customs and Excise Act and Regulations, the Health Act and Regulations or similar in the country of production for overseas entries.

  7. A wine may be entered in one Class only, with the exception that wines entered in the wines of provenance class 20, may also be entered in one other class.

  8. Unlimited entries are permitted in any Class.  Each wine may be entered once only regardless of how many labels it is marketed under.

  9. The Canberra International Riesling Challenge Committee reserves the right to move an entry from one Class to another – awards are made for quality and wines will not be disqualified for being out of Class.

  10. Six bottles (four for International entries) of each wine (12 / 8 bottles for 375ml bottles) for classes 1-19, and 9 bottles for class 20 are to be delivered to the Canberra International Riesling Challenge Committee between 20 September and 24 September 2021.

  11. Judging labels will be issued for Australian entries after the close of entries and mailed to the postal address provided.  A carton label will also be posted at the same time and must be affixed to one of the out sides of the carton. International entries will be labelled upon receipt in Canberra due to dispatch timing requirements.

  12. Australia Post will provide free freight within Australia.  An Australia Post label or eparcel code will be sent with judging labels to Australian entries.  In Australia use the Australia Post label /eparcel code for free delivery at any time after affixing judging labels. 

  13. For overseas entries, or those entries in Australia that are not accessing the free freight provided by Australia Post, exhibits must be delivered by the above dates to: 
    2021 Canberra International Riesling Challenge,
    Suite 26, The Atrium,
    Swinger Hill Centre, Corner of Colbeck and Ainsworth Streets,
    MAWSON  ACT  2607.                      
    Entries must be clearly marked "2021 Canberra International Riesling Challenge - Wine Exhibit".

  14. All exhibits become the property of the Canberra International Riesling Challenge.

  15. International Entrants are responsible or ensuring that the appropriate customs and clearance charges and taxes are paid prior to the delivery of the wine into Australia.

  16. The delivery of the entries is the responsibility of the exhibitor and the CIRC takes no responsibility for any lost or damaged entries

  17. A Commercially Available Wine means that on request from a member of the CIRC at any time of judging, a wine must be available for public sale through a method in addition to cellar door, such as a website, wholesaler or liquor outlet.

  18. To qualify for a Trophy a wine must be awarded a gold medal. Wines entered in the Museum Classes (7 to 9 and 16-18) will only be eligible for a Museum Class Trophy.

  19. After entries are received, no person will be permitted access to exhibits except the Judges, Stewards or persons nominated by the Canberra International Riesling Challenge Chairman.

  20. For Australian wines, if required,  entrants must nominate a Sydney or Canberra outlet, or the winery direct, where the wine can be accessed on Thursday 15 October 2021 for overnight transport to Canberra.

  21. All results will be sent to entrants after judging and will be available on the website from 9.00pm on Friday 16 October 2021.

  22. Provenance Class (Class 20)
    a. An entry to the Provenance Class will comprise two bottles each (four for 375 ml bottles) (total 6x750ml or 12x375ml bottles) of three vintages of the same wine/same label produced from a single vineyard and the same winery.
    b. The age separation for the vintages presented will be 10 years or more between the most recent vintage submitted and oldest vintage submitted.
    c. Entries that are submitted as part of the Provenance Class will not be eligible for any trophy other than a a Provenance Class award unless they are also entered into another class. 

  23. Encouragement Award for up and coming Australian Riesling Makers: Criteria for the Encouragement Award are currently under review.

  24. If an entry is withdrawn, the CIRC may at its discretion refund the entry fee less any administrative costs incurred in processing the entyr. No refunds will be  made after the process of developing the judging order has commenced , or 15 August 2021, whichever is earlier.

  25. Entrants acknowledge that:
    (a) the CIRC does not have a duty to conduct this event;
    (b) if the CIRC cancels the event either partly or fully for any reason, entrants may not recover any lost income or damages from the CIRC;
    (c) this clause operates as a complete defence for the CIRC to any action for recovery.