ACT Government Supports the 2021 Canberra International Riesling Challenge

Posted 31 July 2020 5:49pm

Recognizing the importance of the wine industry within the Canberra Region, and  the status of the Canberra Region as one of the  premier Riesling Regions in the world, the Canberra International Riesling Challenge has been supported by the ACT Government since its  inception in 2000.

Following the decison to postpone the 2020 Challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Canberra International Riesling Challenge welcomes the decision of the ACT Government to transfer the funding for the 2020 Challenge and extend its  support to include the 2021 Challenge.

Growing from a small regional wine show in 2000, the Canberra International Riesling Challenge is now the largest single varietal wine show in the Southern Hemsipshere and one of the most significant Rielsing events in the annual wine calendar. This has been achieved  with ongoing support from the ACT Government and the respect and enjoyment that Australians have for this most special grape variety. 

The decison by the ACT Government to extend to support to 2021 puts the Challenge in a strong postition to revitalise and continue to contribute to Rielsing, the wine industry and the internationall image of Canberra. The Challenge greatly appreciates the ongoing support of the ACT Government. 

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