Canberra International Riesling Challenge Trophies & Awards

Best Wine of the Challenge – Canberra International Riesling Challenge Perpetual Trophy

(This trophy will only be awarded to a wine if the judges deem it to be exceptional in every aspect)

Best Dry Riesling – Jim Murphy AM Perpetual Trophy

Best  Semi Dry Riesling - Wolf Blass Perpetual Trophy

Best Sweet Riesling

Best Museum Class Riesling - Toyota Materials Handling Perpetual Trophy

Best Australian Riesling – ACT Government and Hotel Realm PerpetualTrophy

Best New Zealand Riesling – New Zealand High Commission Perpetual Trophy

Best European Riesling – German Ambassador’s Perpetual Trophy

Best American Riesling – USA Embassy Perpetual Trophy

Best Canberra District Riesling – ACT Chief Minister’s Perpetual Trophy

Best Provenance Riesling - Ken Helm Perpetual Trophy

Encouragement Award for up and coming Australian Riesling Makers -  Toyota Material Handling Award

Wolf Blass Award – Wolf Blass Foundation (awarded biennially)