Riesling is considered the world's most diverse wine, in terms of flavour profile, aroma and style, reflecting the terroir of the production region. The wine is produced across the world, from the traditional European regions to a wide range of countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Australia is divided by geographic divisions into wine zones, wine regions and sub-regions. The system, referred to as Geographic Indications, governs the wine making process and the marketing of wine both within Australia and overseas.

See Wine Australia Georgraphic Indications for PDF maps of the wine regions of Australia.


 While Riesling production in Austria is fairly small, it has a reputation for producing excellent wines. It has an ideal climate for producing dry Rieslings. The main Riesling growing regions are Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal and Traisental.

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Canadian Riesling is most commonly produced in Ontario and British Columbia. It is also frequently used in the production of Icewine.

See Wine Country Ontario for further information about Canadian wine regions.


Riesling is not commonly grown in China. One of the regions of China where Riesling is grown is Ningxia Province (Helan Mountains).


Riesling was introduced to the Alsace region in the 15th century and it is one of the region's most prolific varieties. Despite its proximity, Rieslings from Alsace display subtle differences from those produced in Germany.

See Wines of Alsace for more information.

German Rieslings

There are 13 wine growing regions in Germany, with Riesling taking up the largest proportion of grapes grown.

See German Wines for further information.

New Zealand

90% of New Zealand's Riesling is grown on the South Island where the climate is ideally suited to the variety. Marlborough and Canterbury/Waipara Valley and Central Otago are the largest Riesling growing areas.

See New Zealand Wine for more information on the growing regions in New Zealand.

South Africa

There are a range of growing regions in South Africa, with the Paarl region being best known for white wines.

See for more information on South African Rieslings.

United States

Riesling production in the United States spans the country. Growing regions include New York (Finger Lakes), Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Michigan.

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